Bishop O.C. Isom II


Bishop O.C. Isom II, is the pastor of Word Up Apostolic Ministries located in Benton Harbor, Michigan. He is also a spiritual voice to millions around the world including several international countries. Bishop O.C. was called into ministry to preach God’s Word in 1982. He had many spiritual mentor to help build, equipped and mentor him to be the man of God that God wanted Him to be. God ordained him to minister to the whole man, spirit, soul and body with an emphasis on faith.  Bishop Isom who is a anointed author and a man who love to praise and worship God was called to pastor in 2004 and founded a church called “ Word Up Apostolic Ministries”. His mission is to “ Take God’s Word to a hurting and to the lost generation”.  Bishop Isom is committed to creating and cultivating an authentic church experience, which glorified God and expending kingdom of God.


Bishop Isom teach and preach delivers the Word of God in such a anointing that allowing the message to transcend both racial and gender barrier, enabling a diverse audience to understand and apply the teaching of Christ in their lives. His divine focus is to get believers to focus on the kingdom of God by faith. Bishop Isom passion filled teaching touches the lives of those seeking God’s restoration, restoration, reconciliation and healing by Word of God. He has a Doctor Degree from Cypress Bible Collage in Van, Texas. He is married to Marilyn Isom and they have two daughters Tiffany, Karrissa and one son Andre.